To choose your size, measure your waist size and then refer to the table below which shows all possible belt sizes for the measured waist size.

The waistband is elastic and can be adjusted from - 6cm (tight) to + 1cm (comfortable) in relation to your waist size.

Length 65cm: for a waist between 64 (comfort) and 71cm (adjusted)
Length 70cm: for a waist between 69 (comfort) and 76cm (adjusted)
Length 75cm: for a waist between 74 (comfort) and 81cm (adjusted)
Length 80cm: for a waist between 79 (comfort) and 86cm (adjusted)

If several belt sizes are possible according to the table, you have to choose between a tight or comfortable fit. For high-waisted wear, we recommend a more fitted size. If you want to wear the belt with trousers or a thicker garment, we recommend a looser fit. It also depends on your comfort preference and weight fluctuations.

Smaller or larger sizes are also possible on request, with a slightly longer delivery time.