"Buy less, choose well, make it last." Vivienne Westwood

At Lili K. we like to play with colours and materials, to work with our hands and we believe that beautiful things can last beyond fashion trends.

We wanted to offer you a timeless, quality accessory that you could keep in your wardrobe for a very long time, which could have belonged to a grandmother, but which a young woman could also appropriate according to her codes.

So we designed this belt and worked on the production of the buckle with our Italian manufacturer. For our first collection, we chose a link of braided elastic ribbons and selected some of the beautiful colours available from our Japanese supplier.

This is an ornamental belt that can be used to complete a sophisticated outfit or to enhance a simple casual dress, beachwear, or even to wear in an offbeat way. It is elastic, comfortable and the buckle closes with a click.

We have chosen our manufacturers and suppliers carefully for the quality of their products and, when possible, their proximity.

The buckle and loops are made of gold-plated, nickel-free brass. The ribbons are oeko-tex certified and are hand-woven in Switzerland. Our recycled cardboard packaging also comes from Switzerland.

We offer the most common sizes on our website, but we can make any other size on request.

Because we want to fight against high resource use and help limit waste, we have designed our belts as washable and repairable and we offer to take back the buckles. We also hope that our belts will give a second life to some of your wardrobe pieces.

Finally, we hope you feel beautiful wearing them!